NEW YORK CITY - March 8. 2016.

Well, the story starts somewhere... Mine is today.  I am graduating in a matter of weeks, ten to be exact.  This thought is exciting, slightly nauseating, and exciting again.  The constant question of - "Where are you going after college?" is thrown out at least 12.367 times and my resulting feelings after may be compared to the "Oh shit!" feeling you get when you forgot about a deadline you had five minutes ago.  Not so much a feeling of fear but realization that real world and big-kid life is tumbling around the corner.  On a more informational note, this week I am in the center of much of the photography industry, New York City.  This week I am on an amazing trip meeting professionals and companies that are in-the-now of the photography industry.  Starting with a long but rewarding first day, I had met with Anomaly Agency, Robin Broadbent in his personal studio, and also Chad Griffith that was accompanied by a large handful of professional photographers that have been in and are just recently breaking into the world of advertising photography.  I have to say, getting my personal work that I have cried over, bled over, been so frustrated and proud of in the same instant touched by these people and talked about was something out of a dream.  Making connections and just talking about the medium of art I love so much with these strong and passionate people gave me such an inspiration and drive to do the best work I can.  A wise man once told me, "Make sure that before you hit Apple P - that you say and can say to yourself, Is this my best work?"  - Clay Patrick McBride.  


As I make my way through the city I will be posting more news and experiences from my time, but I will also be reflecting on past experiences and travels with you as I go on, thanks for following and coming along with me as I chart my path!