Currently in Brooklyn, New York.  

Born and raised in the small farm town of Tyre, New York - my appreciation for diversity and exploration began in my youngest years of life.  Working diligently and respectfully I will be making my attempt to make it happily in the industry of photography & fashion.  The future of advertising and photography is in the hands now of my generation - and with that, it also resides in mine.    

With that I would like to leave you with a word of advice on how to always perceive your work and the passion you have for what you create...

"Don't conform to the "thats-the-right-thing" - attitude.  Photography is a visual material, it's organic, it's ever changing.  Eyes - those are subjective.  Someone will hate your work while another holds it comparable to gold.  It doesn't matter what your work is to them.  What it is to you and what it is to your passion is what success tastes like.  Other people's opinions are just the garnishing on your creative plate, eat them or don't - they aren't what you should be hungry for.  Work with a respect for others and work with a respect for yourself."  


Image taken by the wonderful,   Amber Estherpeace Doerr

Image taken by the wonderful, Amber Estherpeace Doerr

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